My name is Carolyn. I am a wife and new mother. My passion is for others to learn and study scripture deeply. In my Lifegroups and Bible Studies, I see not a lack of desire to understand, but a lack of discipline and method in how to find out. How often do they interact with the Bible passage on a word by word basis?
How often do you?


Growing up, I attended AWANA, where I memorized verses, and BSF, where I studied the Bible. These organizations developed my desire to know and understand who God is.
Today, I watch videos and listen to podcasts that are rooted in scripture and truth. I’ve learn the three Bible study steps (observation, interpretation, application). In my own studies, I am very observation heavy, because I want to know exactly what scripture says. When I have a good foundation for what is in the Bible, I can interpret God’s message correctly with the Holy Spirit’s help and then apply it to my life.


I also have a knack for finding things. I would walk into a room and find the missing object. My mom would say, “how did you find that? I’ve been looking for hours.” My response, “I don’t know. I just found it.”
I have found many resources to help me understand scripture from those who want to know the truth. Some resources are free courses from seminary schools. Others are books or articles. Or even when I have a question about something I’m studying, I go to great lengths to search for the answer. My friend was so impressed when I answered her question and gave her a dozen pages of verses and notes.


I desire to understand the Bible on God’s terms, the way He meant it, and not how I think it should be, and I want others to thrive to know scripture this way so that their walk with God can mature and thrive.


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